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Social Rajneeti is a leading WhatsApp advertising company for politicians in Pune, India. The ability to create high-quality content and creative designs and images on local, national, and international political happenings and news gives us the edge over other agencies.

We have generated outstanding result by executing aggressive WhatsApp marketing for political campaigns that focus on local issues with relevant, precise and impactful social messages. This strategy creates a greater impact on the voters’ mind and helps to drive their mindset against the opposition party or candidate and attract them towards our client.

What Makes WhatsApp Marketing for Politicians Such a Successful Platform

The ability to reach virtually everyone in the city, state, country and the world instantly and at any time is the most powerful aspect of WhatsApp. Nowadays, various government and private bodies are using WhatsApp for public messaging.

In fact, politicians in developed as well as developing countries all over the globe have been quick to seize the enormous influential power of WhatsApp advertising for political campaigns. With smartphones in every hand and internet reaching every corner of the country WhatsApp has transformed political communication to become a new vote winning power for the political fraternity.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha election in India WhatsApp played a crucial role in election campaigning. And everyone realised the great competence of WhatsApp for political, as well as marketing campaigns. Since then WhatsApp has also become one of the most preferred tools for spreading political information and attracting the voters.

Our WhatsApp Advertising Services for Politicians:

Social Rajneeti can help you leverage WhatsApp for political campaigns by sending images, short videos and audio or text messages though the following channels:

Personal 1-1: This process is effective for personal communication only.

Group Chat: It is highly used for political marketing purposes as the messages are shared with all group members. And, as each participant can see the other’s replies, it is quite effective and successful as a digital focus group tool.

Broadcast Lists: This is a great way to send the message to everyone, in a personal manner. As, each member on the list does not see if the same message was sent to someone else it gives them a personalised feeling.


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