About Us

Social Rajneeti is a dedicated political digital marketing agency based in Pune. With astute analysis and hands-on experience, we have mastered the art of using digital marketing and social media to promote political candidates and campaigns for reaching new age voters, and generating votes, volunteers, supporters, and donations. We offer a plethora of services for political clients that include SEO, SEM, SMM across all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Rajneeti offers innovative digital marketing solutions for the Online Reputation Management (ORM) and promotional activities of politicians in India. Social Rajneeti is established by a group of technically qualified professionals with a desire to help political clients in crafting effective digital marketing & social media campaigns to augment their overall online branding and help them in electoral campaigns.

Digital media has emerged as one of the most prominent marketing platforms in the past few years. With more and more people getting active on the online and social media the importance of digital and online marketing is only going to increase.

The Lok Sabha election of 2014 saw the use of digital marketing for political campaigns in India to its greatest extent ever. However, at that time certain political parties were still doubtful about the vitality of digital marketing for political campaigns. But the ones who made a good use of online marketing for politics experienced great success, and it was witnessed by everyone in the country. Since then, digital marketing has become a crucial part of political campaigns in India.

This is where Social Rajneeti came into the picture to help political clients with effective online marketing & social media campaigns and keep them at the forefront of electoral campaigns.


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