Online Event Management

In today’s digital world the best candidate may not win, but the better marketed one will!

Social Rajneeti is a political online event management company in Pune, India that empowers political candidates and parties to leverage the best platforms to reach potential voters across the country.

Social Rajneeti is transforming the way political parties interact with voters by merging digital marketing with online event management. In today’s era of growing internet dependence and increasing social media usage, more and more people are switching to smartphones every passing day. While, on the other hand traditional mediums of marketing are getting saturated. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly important to have a Social Media Strategy when planning your political event.

How Social Rajneeti Plans & Executes Online Event Management for Politicians

For political online event management, social media provides outstanding channel that we use before, during and after the event. Our strategy for political online event management includes:

Before the Event:

We utilise social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to create awareness for the event. Creative tweets and posts as well sharing useful information such as event timeline, tip plan, etc. are used to build up excitement for the political event. This helps to connect with numerous online users prior to the event. Moreover, we promote the event across various social and digital media channels to spread the word for you.

During the Event:

To engage the audience during the event, Social Rajneeti uses Twitter to monitor the audience’s reaction to the political event or speaker. Live video streaming on Facebook and YouTube is an awesome real-time resource that we use to engage the people on the web who weren’t able to attend the event in person.

After the Event:

Even after the political event is over we make sure that the online conversation about your event is not over. Press coverage and feedback is a good way to keep people talking about your political event after is has happened. We share the media coverage gathered by your event on social media which helps to showcase how successful the event was. And, ask the online followers for feedback about the event. Whether, positive or negative we take their feedback into account to improve the experience for your next political online event management.


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