In today’s digital world the best candidate may not win, but the better marketedone will!
“Social Rajneeti” is a political digital marketing and social media campaignmanagement firm that aims to empower political parties and candidatesand bring them closer to potential voters. Our expertise lies inproviding web and mobile based political marketing services thatinclude digital marketing, social media marketing social profilesmanagement, online networking, online presence management, anddigital campaign management. Social Rajneeti is the political digitalmarketing partner you need to unearth the maximum advantage of modernmarketing and advertising mediums.
What differentiates us from other digital marketing companies is thefact that we are a full-service political digital marketing agency inPune, India that is passionately dedicated to empower politicalclients with quirky, smart, and effective digital marketing andsocial media campaigns to augment their overall online branding andhelp them in electoral campaigns.

Social Rajneeti got an opportunity to work for a prominent leader of the congress during the LS election 2013-14

An independent MLA from Pune, Maharashtra, gained his popularity through social media, and in no time he got a staggering number of followers, to be precise 1, 38,000. People are now following his daily social media activity, thus helping him penetrate into voter’s hearts and minds through Social Rajneeti.

A prominent leader from NCP now an individual grabbed the opportunity of online campaigning via Social Rajneeti. Not only his social media was taken care of but we also built an exclusive Interactive Portal with Voter list.

Member of Legislative Assembly, from Raver constituency, District Jalgaon, took to social media through Social Rajneeti for his electoral campaign.

A well-renowned entrepreneur-cum-politician who has won three consecutive RS elections to become a leading MLA in the city took a wise step by taking social media platform for his electoral campaigning.

A respected MLA from Solapur asked us to boost his social media campaign, and we at Social Rajneeti sticking to its work ethics managed all of his online electoral campaigns.

A social worker-cum-politician took to social media as he realized its need of the hour.

A successful businessman and NCP youth leader from Kopergaon realised the power of social media and decided to implement it in the 2016 muncipal elections. Campaigns by social rajneeti enabled his party to launch fresh candidates and guide them to victory.

A Corporator-turned Mayor-turned MLA understood the importance of reaching to its masses through social media and thus reached out to Social Rajneeti to help him achieve his aim.

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